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We strive to combine our expertise and knowledge to develop superior maritime engineering solutions.

Naval Architecture and Consulting


MMD has an extensive knowledge and understanding in stability analysis from decades of experience, with both intact and damaged stability investigations being undertaken on a regular basis. We are able to prepare stability booklets and addendums as well as vessel loadout analyses and reports. MMD has also been involved regularly in accident investigation and consultation.

 Vessel Modifications

MMD regularly provide services for the undertaking of complete vessel refits involving every aspect of the vessel as well as vessel extensions and minor modifications.

Powering and Speed Predictions

MMD are able to assist with vessel powering for anything from concept review, to the completion of survey approved construction drawings of engine mounts, shafting, propellers, nozzles and rudder assemblies.

Computational and empirical methods and 25+ years of full scale test data allow MMD to provide accurate resistance and speed predication analysis for a range of vessel types.

Class Consultation

Over the years, MMD has worked closely with local and international survey authorities as well as all major classification societies. This has given us experience dealing with each level of survey authority, allowing us to better understand their requirements and build close working relationships with local and overseas branches.

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MMD Naval Architects - Perth and Melbourne

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