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We strive to combine our expertise and knowledge to develop superior maritime engineering solutions.

Maritime Design and Engineering


In collaboration with a leading marine fabricator in the early 1990's, MMD designed a SHHP (Super High Holding Power) anchor series, which gained type approval from Det Norske Veritas. Over the past 20 years, anchors have been fabricated in sizes from 20 kg to 2000 kg.

The "Holdfast" anchor can be designed quickly and easily in a balanced or unbalanced configuration for any holding power and provides the ideal solution for high performance anchors on modern vessels.

The anchors come standard manufactured from high grade steel, and are also available in polished stainless steel for super yachts. The anchors come with classification approval for manufacture upon request.

Mooring Design and Analysis

MMD Naval Architects have developed mathematical models for the design of standard moorings and cyclone moorings. Our moorings are designed, and/or assessed, to meet the requirements of local port authorities and the insurance industry.

We are also approved mooring designers for Pilbara Ports Authority.

Navigation Aid Design

MMD design navigation aid mooring systems, roto-moulded buoy design, spar buoys and other floating buoys. MMD has an arsenal of design tools to satisfy harbour masters' requirements.

We have designed and supervised the installation of a number of spar buoys for areas of challenging environmental conditions as an alternative to traditional navigation buoys and fixed structures. 

Shiplift Design

MMD have experience in the design and review of shiplifts and have developed mathmetical models which meet all local requirements. All of our designs can be tailored to meet specified design parameters.

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