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In response to a number of enquiries from vessel owners and operators, MMD Naval Architects have committed considerable resources into researching and developing mathematical models for the design of standard moorings and cyclone moorings. MMD's moorings have been designed, and/or assessed, to meet the requirements of local port authorities and the insurance industry.

MMD have the ability to provide a mooring design to suit your needs be it for a shallow water navigation mark or for a cyclone mooring with limited swing radius for a 75m vessel.

MMD are approved mooring designers for the Dampier Port Authority (now Pilbara Ports Authority and includes Port Hedland Port Authority).



Navigation Aid Design

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MMD design navigation aid mooring systems, roto-moulded buoy design, spar buoys and other floating buoys. MMD has an arsenal of design tools to satisfy harbour masters' requirements.

Navigation aid design typically involves the review of buoy feasibility, navigation aid design and mooring component specification.

MMD have the ability to design a suitable navigation aid for your needs which is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

We have designed and supervised the installation of a number of spar buoys for areas of challenging environmental conditions as an alternative to traditional navigation buoys and fixed structures. The benefits of spar buoys include high positioning accuracy, reduced motions, high survivability in extreme conditions and ease of installation and re-positioning when compared with fixed structures.