Suction Cutter Dredge

MMD was engaged to assist with a dredge conversion aimed at increasing the throughput of a mineral sands mine. The project entailed coupling an existing bucket wheel dredge to a spud barge to increase its capacity and dredging depth. MMD carried out all structural and stability work including, but not limited to, A-frame and ladder modifications & analysis, longitudinal strength analysis, hull structural design, 3D modelling and stability analysis.



Second hull skin

When the hull of a 24x24m 1000 tonne displacement floating mining plant reaches the end of its design life, it is not always possible to dry dock it to replace the hull plating. MMD was asked to develop a second skin concept where a new hull was built, launched, submerged and then re-floated under the existing hull. MMD provided all the naval architectural services and supervised the installation of the second skin to extend the working life of the plant.



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