MMD completed the custom design of a spar buoy for Fendercare Australia which was provided for the Bunbury Port Authority.

The buoy is constructed from heavy duty steel to ensure durability.

The Bunbury spar buoy was successfully launched and has been in active service since January 2012.

The buoy replaces Beacon # 3 located at the entrance to the Bunbury Harbour and it is used for ship guidance and collecting and transmitting environmental data.

The Bunbury spar buoy was subject to the severe weather that battered the southwest coast in early May 2013. During these storms, the buoy was subject to wave heights in excess of 11 metres. MMD and Fendercare Australia are happy to report that after this weather the buoy is continuing to fulfil its design requirements.



MMD completed the design of a number of spar buoys for the Esperance Port Authority to replace the failing fixed piles. Spar buoys were selected for their ease of installation and cost advantages over fixed piles.

The Esperance spar buoys were successfully launched and installed over a period between 2011 and 2012.



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